Confidence in Guns safety rules


The principal source and use of guns is for military during war and other law enforcement agents in order to ensure that the laws are being upheld as required. Nowadays private individuals such as politicians and other powerful people have acquired guns for self defense. Guns’ models have also been improved ranging from smallest size called handguns to bigger ones called riffles. If you own a gun(s) there are safety rules required for you to avoid any conflict or accident with your gun such rules include.

  1. For your own best security safe purposes, always make sure that your gun is loaded. Every step or journey that you take that will require self protection, make sure that you inspect your gun very well before to make sure that it is all loaded well and that it can protect you from any harm that might come on your way.
  2. Make sure that you always point your gun to a safe direction. If you intend to use your gun make sure that your gun points directly to a place where your eyes are facing and that your finger touches the trigger. If you do not intend to use it, make sure that it points no one or anything at all. When you do not want to shoot any target always make sure that your finger stays away from the trigger to prevent any accidents caused by finger movement.
  3. When ready to shoot any target, best security safe is to make sure that you have identified the target very well to avoid shooting the wrong people or target. It is also advisable that you watch your back and try to identify anything that is between you and your target. Make sure that it is all clear before shooting.
  4. Be responsible with your gun, always make sure that you clearly understand the whole procedure for your gun operation before you attend any firing activity. Learn the features of your gun this will help you very well when an emergency comes and you do not have time to learn and think how to operate it.
  5. Never target or shoot any hard object or rock. This is because there is a higher probability that the bullet will hit the target and then slid away to the wrong direction that can shoot anyone on the way. Unless otherwise the target cannot be clearly seen and is meant to scare away the enemy.
  6. Keep your gun in a safe place when not in use. Most likely at home with your family especially children keep it out of reach of them. However, the place where you keep it should not be so complicated that you end up being stranded or hard to remember when danger comes.
  7. When training on how to hit the target make sure that you train in a clear environment where the target can be clearly be observed and that the place should be situated away from the people. Make sure that your ears are protected/covered to prevent the sound causing harm to your eardrum.

Most of guns nowadays come with safety lock that prevents any shooting by an accident. Always remember not to rely on the safety lock and assume that your gun is safe. To prevent this, keep the lock-on and face your gun in a safe position.



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