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The Sobs is all about music and learning. We’re a team of musicians who’ve enjoyed lots of success in our music career and were inspired to start this blog. We love music and have been inspired to help those struggling with their music careers to make things right. Founded by a group of Yale students, we obtained our name during our humble beginnings when we performed in bars. The SOBs is a music band that started over six decades ago. We’ve been together since then.

We’ve experienced it all together; the ups and downs of the industry and the ever-changing world of music. Our team has had the privilege to perform all kinds of music, including hardcore rap, rock, country, RnB, gospel music, and soul.

We started this website to continue advancing our love for music. We focus on providing interested persons with content that teaches them more about music. We love to share our knowledge of music with our audience, just as much as we love to entertain. We began this blog to leave a legacy and share as much as possible with those interested in music. This is a great way to ensure that the culture never dies. We want out experiences of music to live on through others.

Our audience has access to all the resources they need to learn about all the facets of music, including live performances, writing and recording music. Many musicians make mistakes and fall out of the music business because they lack proper guidance. However, the internet is a good resource for musicians to access whatever information they want. This is made possible through our music blog. We provide upcoming musicians with all the information they need to become successful musicians.

At The Sobs, we offer tips, tricks and guides on how to attain success in the music industry. With the information we provide, you’ll avoid common mistakes budding artists make to experience success in abundance.

The career of a musician often comes with lots of challenges that you must overcome to make it in the music industry. We’ve been there and experienced all that. And, this is where The Sobs comes in to give you a helping hand in your career.

We mentor and offer tips on how to succeed in your music career through our website. You can learn how to make music and become successful in this business. We offer unbiased expert advice to guide you through your passion and career.

We also give unlimited access to resources you’ll find useful at different stages of your learning endeavor in the music industry. Whether you’re a beginner or a music enthusiast, or been producing music for a while, The Sobs is for you.

Our Mission

The mission of The Sobs is to create and provide positive lifechanging experiences, information, tips, and resources that budding artists can use to succeed in music.

Our Vision

To become the most innovative online platform for information, tips, guides, and resources that artists worldwide need to become successful.

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