Benefits of Joining a Student Society

By: Stephanie Mojal

Date Published: September 15, 2016


As much as you think, universities and colleges are more than just going to class and studying for exams. One way to make your student life better is by joining a student society. All universities and colleges have various clubs and societies that you can join. Some even require their students to join at least one club in the institution.

You Will Learn (a) New Skill(s)

Signing up for a club or society in your college or your university is a chance for you to discover new skills or improve what you already have. A lot of societies have newbie taster sessions where you are given a chance to know what the organization can offer.

It’s A Great Way to Get Fit

This is one of the most surprising benefits of joining a student society. However, it’s an obvious advantage for societies focusing on sports such as football, badminton, basketball, tennis and etc. It’s a great way for you to feel being part of something, and might even join competitions representing the university. Some sports clubs will have try-outs that will examine if you’re a fit candidate for the team. If you don’t want the traditional sports, there are institutions which have societies for playtime sports.

You’ll Meet People Who You Have Similarities With

Joining the same club makes you indifferent to another person. You might even find a member who you can be your best friend for the whole school year. This is one reason why student societies exist. It gives the students a way to meet new people with the same interests and ideas.

You Can Change

There is a probability that after signing up for a society in your university/college, and getting exposed to a different type of people/culture, you’ll see the world in a new and different perspective. You’ll probably become a better person, be more patient and understanding towards other people.

Improve Your Opportunities Socially

If you are a new student in an institution, signing up for a society is one of the most effective ways to settle in and meet new people. Old members of that organization will be eager enough to introduce you to the club and get you involved as soon as you enter the club.

It will also give you a new social group besides your classmates and neighbors in the dormitory. It’s also nice to know that you have the same interests. Aside from the regular meetings, organizations also host events which focuses on socializing with other people, promoting friendship within the society.

Keep a Healthy Balance

Focusing on your academics isn’t just the effective way to make sure you’re successfully academically. Getting yourself involved in a student’s society is a great way for you to give yourself a break from studies, and an opportunity for you to release stress, resulting to a more balanced life in the university.

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