Combining Music and Art: A Beautiful Blend

By: Stephanie Mojal

Date Published: May 18, 2020

Music and color go together. If you cannot do both, you can collaborate with a musician or an artist to boost one or the other. There are so many artists in the music industry trying to make a mark. A musician that collaborates with a visual artist adds a touch of creativity to their performance. It is easy to create an album cover or a music video with so many technological tools. However, that has already been done. Musicians need to explore new ways of reaching out to their audience – one way to do that is to combine music with visual art.

There are many reasons why you would want to combine music with visual art. For starters, you merge the audience of the visual artist with your music audience to have a larger audience. You are also able to create an audiovisual series that works perfectly in a niche market.

When you are playing with visual art in the background or paining with music in the background, you stretch your creativity and build your skills as a liver performer. Musicians and visual artists can create a more intimate relationship with their fans when they combine music and art.

Whether you are a professional artist or musician, combining these two forms of art will get you far in your career than when you deal with only one type of art. Below are three ways to merge the two.

Display Artwork on Stage

Some visual artists can draw art that complements different sounds. The artwork doesn’t have to be abstract to represent a given sound; it can be a silhouette of a city to represent nightlife for a part song. If the song is about love, there are so many art pieces that can go with that. 

When you collaborate with a visual artist, the experience brings you feelings you might never have thought you heard. Music is motivation to visual artists the same way artwork motivates musicians on stage. Art has many faces, and when one artist collaborates with another, what they create is just magnificent.

To give your audience something to look forward to approaching a visual artist whose work you admire or one you have worked with before.  Send them your music and see if they have pieces that could go with your music, or they could create some for your upcoming show.

Paint Music

There are so many instances where musicians have collaborated with artists to create an audiovisual performance that left their audience in awe. A good example was when Brian Gore worked with illustrator Bill Russell to create The Wine Country. The animated stories Russell created played on the screen as Gore played on his guitar to match the animation. Russell even paints with his iPad on the finale of the show. It is up to fans to choose what Russell paints before the show.

According to Gore, creating The Wine Country was a lot of work, but it improved his musicianship. The series was for the California Coast. Today, with their previous success, they are creating pieces for other parts of the country. Gore says that, if a musician wants to develop such a series, they need to develop a great relationship with their collaborator and explain what you need in simple terms.

The artist doesn’t have to paint. You can work with an artist who welds figures of animals or any other art pieces. Such an artist only needs a good plasma cutter that comes with solid construction and a few other tools to get the work done. During the performance, the artist can display their work. Plasma cutters are fast and efficient, so the artist will have enough time to create their pieces.

Give Your Fans a Unique Experience

Each performance you do as a musician should be unique to the audience. The audience should also take part in the creation of performance. It takes time to complete a project. As such, you need to ensure that the performance is perfect. Whether you are working with a pencil artist or a painter, everything needs to be perfect.

The challenge comes when you have to explain the concept to your audience – which is why the musician and the visual artist need to understand each other to create pieces that complement each other. Overall, the experience is rewarding. You can discover new possibilities with your music or visual art when you collaborate. There are creative rules – just find your inspiration and create an audiovisual experience that your audience will love.


If you are a musician who can draw or a visual artist who can sing, you can create your pieces. Musicians such as Christopher Maurice Brown, popularly known as Chris Brown, can sing as well as they can paint. He creates so many illustrations as backgrounds during his performances. Any other artist can do the same for a scintillating performance.

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