Social Events At Coffee Shops: Is It A Good Idea?

By: Stephanie Mojal

Date Published: August 23, 2016

Social events can vary into birthdays, anniversaries, holiday gatherings, graduations, and business meetings. I mean, almost all celebrations can be called as social events. They happen almost everywhere such as conference rooms, ballrooms, and even coffee shops. But, is it a good idea to hold social events in coffee shops?



  1. It’s Difficult to Ignore Coffee

Generally, a lot of business clients prefer having a quick café business meeting. Furthermore, it’s difficult to say no to a nice cup of coffee, especially if you’re being treated by someone else. It’s a great place to feel more comfortable and it’s a great chance for you to fulfill their needs, agendas, and etc. And if you’re going to hold a business meeting in a coffee shop, it can lead into a more detailed discussion.

  1. It’s Not Hard to Put Up

Compared to other places, holding social events such as business meetings in coffee shops are not difficult to organize. You also don’t have to worry about reservation if you plan on organizing a social event in a café.

  1. You can still be productive

During social events where you need Wi-Fi access, you’ll be able to discuss into more detailed parts. It’s also a great way to change the scenery, motivating you to be more productive.

  1. Reserving Will not Be A Problem

Since only a few individuals prefer having social events in coffee shops, you don’t have to worry about bookings and waiting for another social event to end. You can just straight up call the store, inquire if they host social events and agree on a date. You can even be given time to decorate the place. However having a coffee shops at the comfort of your home might be a good idea too. Just make sure you have the right coffee maker, if you don’t have one yet you can find the 33 super espresso makers at and the perfect automatic coffee machine at


  1. There Can Be A Limited Food Menu

If you’re planning to have a dinner party in a coffee shop, it might not be a good idea since a café usually just serve either food appropriate for breakfast or lunch. Added to that, they may not agree with you bringing food from the outside. Unless it’s a coffee-themed event, then you don’t have a problem at all.

  1. Limited Choices of Hours

Coffee shops are not specialized in hosting social events, therefore they still have to open for other customers, especially in peak hours. Unless they have a separate room where you can have it exclusively for the party, then there’s nothing you can do. Also, if you want to have your party late at night, it may not be possible to have it in a café since most of them close early.

  1. You May Not Be Allowed to Decorate the Place

Some coffee shops are decorated from the top to bottom, it will be difficult for you to make them agree to nail or pin some things on their walls.

  1. The Space May Be Too Small

Unless, you’re hosting a social event that only involves a few number of individuals, a big social event will take up too much space. Some coffee shops are small. And since they aren’t used to hosting social events, they may not also provide the chairs and tables needed for the celebration.

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