The role of photography in the society

By: Stephanie Mojal

Date Published: May 5, 2017

Photography provides a diverse mindset in the society. When you have photographs on the stages of phone technology to its current state; you will have a comprehensive reasoning and appreciate the milestones that industrialization and technology has in the society. Photography gives a practical look and a documentary on the various phenomenon for research and appreciation of diversity. Some of the sectors that have direct impact on photography include


How did you know the existence of the early man and the history of revolution? This is because of the theories accompanied by photographs as an evidence to support various historical facts. It helps the current philosophers to have a realistic view of life and use various ideologies in their research and findings. In addition, it keeps a memory of some of the vintage sceneries and makes a comparison with the current state for a conclusive fact-finding mission.


Even in the development of the cameras(, it is clear that photography has made milestones from the film cameras to the digital cameras. The fact that you can have colored photographs in the simplest gadget like smartphones unlike the black and white only image associated with the old times is a clear indication of enhanced technology. With this, it makes the society have a positive view of some new technologies in the electronic industry without having to question their environmental impact assessment. Without this, assimilation of new technologies will be difficult and will require more time to convince people on the positive impacts.

Culture and heritage

Photography helps to preserve our culture. With modernity taking inroads in the contemporary society, some of the cultural practices can only be viewed using photographs since their practice are becoming extinct. How will our children learn the origin of our dressing codes when they lack a visual presentation of the same?

How will they understand the old fighting equipment, which is now not being used because of technology? Photography provides educative content on some of the cultural artifacts to make them learn their culture as well as other cultures out of their race.


Photography supports governance ideologies. Imagine of a national newspaper with no pictures to support voter apathy. It also helps politicians to drive their ideologies through a practical example which can only be proved using photographs. The societal judgment of the next leader might be influenced by the support from other States.

Creative arts

Some of the architectural designs are maintained, but with the increase in population and the pressure to build skyscrapers to save on land and improve economic base of a country some of the artifacts will become extinct. National archives help to maintain these using photographs as a proof of existence. In fact, some of the new buildings are an imitation of the old designs but using modern technologies and current building materials.

Photography has a positive impact in all spheres of the society. In fact, it helps to maintain the culture and heritage ideal for educating the new generation. In addition, it acts as a tool of proof of some theoretical ideologies.


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