Unique Party Theme Ideas for Students

By: Stephanie Mojal

Date Published: June 1, 2018

Student life is one of the best lives that anyone can ever experience. Having fun with friends and being carefree from all the responsibilities what describes the life of a student.
Just like any other fun activities, the costume and theme parties are a huge part of the college life. Theme parties are meant to be crazy and students all over the world love organizing such parties. It gives them a way to get out of their monotonous study life and have some real fun.
A theme party, however, should be unique and different from the rests. There are plenty of choices available for you when you are organizing a theme party. Therefore, here we are providing you some creative ideas for a unique theme party –

1. Snow Pants and No Pants – Sounds crazy? Well, although the name suggests “no pants”, it still doesn’t have to be as lewd as it sounds. There is an option of wearing “snow pants” after all. The “no pants” part doesn’t mean that you will show up in your underwear. You can simply wear a skirt – skirt is not a pant!

2. Seven Deadly Sins – You remember the seven deadly sins; don’t you? They are – Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth. Well, as conflicted and twisted as it may sound, a theme party based on these seven deadly sins can be an amazingly wicked. For this, you can simply decorate all the rooms in seven different themes and colors that reflects these deadly sins. The costumes, however, can be your own choices. All you need to do is match up your costume with your theme.

3. The Rubik’s Cube Theme Party – Do you have to show up as a Rubik? Well, no! This theme is quite interesting and fun. Every guest at the party must show up in clothes that has the colors of the Rubik cube (red, white, yellow, green, blue and orange). And once everyone is present, you need to swap your clothing items with other guests until you create a one-color outfit. It starts out to be simple; but at the end it turns out to be quite crazy! A tip – use accessories like hats and gloves can help you win the game more efficiently.

4. Guess Who Parties – There are plenty of diverse ways to go with this theme party. For starters, you can act like a celebrity but in a parody way and let others think who you actually are! Or, you can simply copy your best friend, professor, the nerd in college, the popular girls and guys in the campus and dress like them. This is quite a fun theme if you know how to pull this one off!

5. The Alphabet Theme – The Alphabet theme parties require a lot of creativity and attention. How does it work? Well, all you have to do is pick an alphabet – it can be your first initial of your name or the first letter of crush’s name – anything! Now you need to dress up with that letter that you have chosen. For example, the letter M; you can dress up like Marilyn Monroe or like a Monkey. The choice is yours.
The zombie party and alien theme party ideas are gone now. You need to come up with something more unique and creative. The above choices are some the best options for you that you can try out.

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