What to do when you’re not feeling creative

By: Stephanie Mojal

Date Published: August 13, 2021

Many people experience periods of creativity blocks. Whether it’s because you’re exhausted or you just don’t feel like doing anything, this blog post will help get your creative juices flowing again!  First, get a good night’s sleep to make sure that your brain is rested and functioning at its best. Second, find something that inspires you in the world around you- may be some music or reading a book. Third, take time for yourself by doing things like going for a walk or taking care of your appearance by getting dressed up and applying makeup. Fourth, surround yourself with things that give off positive energy such as friends who are also struggling with creativity blocks so they can be there to motivate each other through this difficult time.

When you’re not feeling creative, it can be hard to get anything done. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself feel more inspired and motivated.

1. Create a playlist of songs that inspire you to be creative

Start with upbeat tunes to get the creative juices flowing then include some ambient noise such as light classical for an after-dinner brainstorming session, or chillwave when you’re in need of relaxation.

2. Find an inspiring quote or mantra and put it on your phone’s lock screen

The best way to start the day is with a motivational quote. Find one that speaks to you and put it as your lock screen for easy access every morning when you wake up
– “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”  – Walt Disney

3. Try out different mediums for art – painting, drawing, photography, etc.

When you’re feeling down, try working with different forms of art. You can paint or draw – anything from building a still life to sketching animals in the park. Or take your camera out for some landscape photography around town!

4. Watch YouTube tutorials on how to create new things with materials around the house (i.e., paint a picture frame)

Creating things from the materials around your home can be a fun and creative time for you. Watch YouTube tutorials on how to create new things with these items that are common in most homes

5. Spend time in nature instead of staring at screens all-day

Nature can be therapeutic for those who are constantly plugged into social media, scrolling through Facebook feeds and looking at photos on Instagram all day long- but it also causes us mental fatigue which leads to less happiness than people typically experience when going outside once in a while!

6. Make space for creativity by getting rid of clutter or organizing your desk so that you have room to work

You can create more space for creativity by getting rid of clutter and organizing your desk so that you have room to work. Get creative with one day a week where each member of the household cleans up their area in order to free themselves from distractions, stressors, and wasteful habits which may be limiting time spent on activities they enjoy or are passionate about outside of home life.

7. Allow yourself some downtime – take long baths, get lost in books without distractions from technology

A long bath can be just the right way to decompress and soothe away worries. When you’re in a tub, it’s easy to unplug from technology – there is no internet connection or phone service! You might get lost reading an old favorite book without any distractions that usually come with this activity on your tablet device or laptop.

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